PHP for Beginners PHP Developer Roadmap: Part 1 by Langat Langs

Hey Laravel enthusiasts 👋, trying to put up a roadmap for “How to become a Laravel developer in 2020”. Aim is to put up a straightforward sequential topics that one may need to learn to become a skilled Laravel developer so that beginners can easily figure out what to learn next. I’ve put up a basic layout but need more input from expert of the communities to make it more useful.

PHP developer roadmap

So our tutorial is to start working and learning CodeIgniter and create a simple online store application that works with the MySQL database. If you are going to be a one-man team and you want to do everything yourself, yes, this level is enough for you. You can write the most complex applications for yourself and use it commercially. All technical issues will be related to you and the rest can only use this application.

Object Oriented PHP

There are so many solutions in the market so it’s even hard to list and not to forget any. However, there are few leaders of the field, which I personally recommend to pick for your stack. For relational databases it’s PostgreSQL, and for NoSQL – MongoDB. PDO will be useful for understanding how all the interaction between PHP and your data happens, and ORMs – will boost the effectiveness and security of that communication. People make the website structure using the HTML language, but it will look so ugly if you’ve used only that language. CSS is another styling language used to add the touch to your website, like changing the button’s shape and colors, and adding the shadow to them and the text.

They are only able to communicate in highly specific ways. Can you please suggest me, i have a project in laravel and i want to move this to node.js. This cookbook has a perfect solution for problems that PHP programmers face regularly.

Creating a Responsive Navbar Using Next.js and Tailwind CSS

Practicing with PHPUnit will help you gain knowledge in this area. And if you want to try other approaches, pay attention to Codeception. The high response rate of the project is due not only to the servers but also to high-quality code. Sometimes to increase it, it’s enough to reduce the number of requests to the database or to remember the result of heavy calculations. You will find interfaces for organizing them in the PSR-6 and PSR-16 standards. And choose the final caching mechanism depending on the project.

PHP developer roadmap

Like the language of websites, plugins must also have dynamic and agile communication with the server, which is why PHP is the ideal option in this case. SQL injections are more common than you might think, and unless you want a big headache later, sanitizing your database entries is the only way to fix the problem. Unflagging he110 will restore default visibility to their posts. Most of the PHP framework support mysql better than Postgres. Following this path will guarantee to become a good PHP Developer. The repository is created when working on the following YouTube video PHP Developer roadmap – How to Become a PHP Developer in 2021.

What Skills Are Required To Become A PHP Developer?

If you want to work for yourself or start a programming team and build an app and sell your code, this level will meet your needs. You can also be hired by other companies because all companies usually use frameworks implemented with MVC architecture. By the way, their framework may be specific which you will learn about in the first few days of the job, and then you can connect with the rest of the team. Or the company may use a ready-made framework such as Laravel or CodeIgniter. These frameworks are exactly like the framework you created, except that they are much bigger and have more features. Since you are familiar with MVC, in less than 1 month, you can find a relative mastery of them and get ready to send a resume and start working in that company.

  • All this without the use of Class, OOP, MVC, and frameworks, only using the basic concepts of PHP and combining it with HTML codes.
  • Learning PHP from the very beginning and creating a simple online store app that works with the MySQL database has an admin panel and performs CURD operations.
  • In the next version, users will be able to exclude unnecessary directories and files from their libraries, customizing PhpStorm’s suggestion on completion from external libraries.
  • Now that you understand the language’s background and utility, here’s a breakdown of the path toward becoming a PHP Developer.
  • Like the other online video courses provider it comes with a price with 14 days free trial.

If not, there are always openings for PHP development jobs. Along with your resume, you’ll also need a web developer portfolio. Keywords can only go so far, and while your resume contains details about your skills and experience, your portfolio will allow recruiters to see your skills in action. When you’re applying to jobs, consider tailoring  your resume for every position you apply for. Many companies rely on software that looks for relevant keywords to rank potential candidates, so you’ll want to ensure your resume aligns with the job posting as much as possible.

Website Applications

Next, we will tell you the main advantages that show why PHP is a widely used language, especially in web projects. If you’re interested in learning PHP through practical projects, this course is an excellent choice. It focuses on utilizing the MongoDB NoSQL database for data storage. Prior knowledge of PHP and SQL basics is recommended, making it a suitable follow-up course to the previous one.

PHP developer roadmap

The next deserving attention thing after learning PHP – Git. You’ll probably be using it on a daily basis regardless of your chosen programming language. In a nutshell, Git is a team cooperation tool, which allows you to save states of a code. MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database used for storing unstructured data. Developed by MongoDB Inc., it finds extensive usage among developers and large enterprises with millions of user accounts.

By following this path, you can reach your goal in the fastest possible time, in the easiest way possible, and in a principled way. The guide also includes useful tutorials and links to third-party resources that you can use according to what you need. PHP programming is an open-source, server-side scripting programming language designed for web development. Laravel is a framework that is written in PHP, and as such, it allows for rapid application development. Laravel has been downloaded 5 million times and has more than 3 million users. It is one of the best and most popular PHP frameworks today.

PHP developer roadmap

PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages in web development. There’s no shortage of work for PHP Developers, and your skills will always be in demand. To support Tribal representation at key offshore wind transmission forums, the program will also provide funding to mitigate the financial burden of participation.

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